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Thanks a lot for trying our one of the best products. We are a group of Microsoft Professionals who have been working with Microsoft Technologies since 1990. Our vision is to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.

Active Directory Health Profiler is one of our best products that we also use to fine tune Active Directory, Hyper-V, Exchange Server, SQL Server and Windows Servers. As we are a startup and looking forward to grow further, it will be highly appreciated if you can help us by providing feedback of the project covered so far so that we can improve.

New Feature Request

You can request a new feature to be included in the next release of the Active Directory Health Profiler. Next version of AD Health Profiler will be 4.0 and will include the features that have been requested by the users. Please note all feature requests must come before 02-22-2017. We will be releasing AD Health Profiler V4.0 at the end of Q1.

To request a new feature, simply send an email to Info@ITDynamicPacks.Net.

Change Logs

You can find the recent additions to the Active Directory Health Profiler 3.0 and features that have been planned to be incorporated in the next version of the AD Health Profiler.

Recent Additions

New Additions for AD Health Profiler Version 3.0
Addition New/Updated Requested By Remark
Execution Message to be displayed when executing Dynamic Packs New R C Ryen  An execution message is displayed and disapears when Dynamic Packs is sent to Execution SubSystem successfully.
Execution Status Window Refresh New C Jen Execution Status Window refreshes automatically when executing all or selected Dynamic Packs
Select Issue Severity New User Now you can select to display Issue Severity of your choice in the Report
Additional Info New User  You can provide Additional info such as customer/company name, name of the company/admin who performed Health Check of target/s.
Issue Legends New User  Report shows Issue Legends.
DC Connectivity Test  New User  DC Connectivity test is mandatory for a Health Profile that contains an Active Directory Forest as a Target. DC Connectivity Window is displayed when you open a Health Profile.
All Dynamic Packs support Alternate Credential  New Revised all Active Directory Dynamic Packs to fix credential issues.
Dynamic Packs Selection window  New Provide a choice when executing all Dynamic Packs.
Data file location for each Dynamic Pack  New M Joseph  When you click on a Dynamic Pack, AD Health Profiler will also show you the location of data file.

Upcoming Additions

Upcoming Additions for AD Health Profiler V4.0
Addition Requested By Remark
PDF Report We have received multiple feedback from our users and one of the features that we think we should be including in the upcoming version is the ability to generate complete Health Profile report in PDF format.
Ability to Provide recommendations against each issue New release of AD Health Profile will also include the ability to provide recommendations and description for each issue.
Issue Recommendations from DynamicPacks Server We are in the process of incorporating a change that would help you obtain the issue description and recommendations to fix the issue directly from the DynamicPacks Server.

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