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Whether you're just getting started with Active Directory Health Profiler or you’re curious about what Active Directory Health Profiler is all about, this list of FAQ offers additional details that you might find useful.

Licesning: Do I need to buy Active Directory Health Profiler every year?

No. We charge one time fee. AD Health Profiler is a powerful Execution SubSystem that you must buy in order to execute Dynamic Packs. AD Health Profiler comes with "life-time" subscription during which time you receive all maintenance and major releases and one year technical support through live chat. However, you will not be able to download and import new Dynamic Packs until you buy Dynamic Packs Subscription.

Licesning: Can I manage multiple Active Directory Forests using AD Health Profiler?

When you buy AD Health Profiler, you are allowed to manage only one Active Directory Forest. In case you need to manage multiple Active Directory Forest or do health assessment of multiple Active Directory Forests, you must buy Additional AD Forest subscription.

One Active Directory as a Target is free with purchase of AD Health Profiler Execution SubSystem.

Licensing: Do I need to renew AD Forest License every year?

One AD Forest License is free with the purchase of Active Directory Health Profiler Execution SubSystem. AD Forest License will be available to you for one year. You must buy Additional AD Forest licenses in following conditions:

  • You would like to renew AD Forest License that comes with purchase of AD Health Profiler Execution SubSystem.
  • You want to add an additional Active Directory Forest under the management of Active Directory Health Profiler. This is applicable for IT Service Providers who perform AD Health Check for their customers.

If you have further questions on Licensing, please contact us.

Licensing: What happens if I don't renew my Dynamic Packs Subscription?

If you choose not to renew the subscription at the end of every 3 months, you may continue using the AD Health Profiler, but will no longer receive new Dynamic Packs and cannot request new Dynamic Packs.

When you buy a minimum of 3 months Dynamic Pack Subscription, you receive:

  • New Dynamic Packs (2 Dynamic Packs guaranteed every month)
  • Request new Dynamic Packs based on your requirements
AD Health Profiler: Can Active Directory Health Profiler be used to do Health Check of only Active Directory?

AD Health Profiler supports six targets. They are Microsoft Active directory, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange , Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office 365.

For now we have designed and made Active Directory Dynamic Packs for use with AD Health Profiler. However, there are plans to design Dynamic Packs for other targets as listed above. We will keep our users posted if we make Dynamic Packs available for other technologies in the near future.

AD Health Profiler: Can I design a Dynamic Pack to target systems other than Active Directory?

Of course! Before you can design you need to search for PowerShell Cmdlet for the target system. For example, if you wish to design a Dynamic Pack to gather Virtual Machines running on a Hyper-V Server, you must know the PowerShell Cmdlet that can be used to perform the required task by the Dynamic Pack. Get-VM can be used to collect Virtual Machine information from target Hyper-V Servers.

AD Health Profiler: Does AD Health Profiler requires Enterprise or Domain Admins Credentials?

AD Health Profiler requires a "normal" domain user account to collect information from Active Directory Forest except a few Dynamic Packs. The following Dynamic Packs require Domain Admin or Local Admin access to the Domain Controllers in order to connect and collect the required information from Domain Controllers:

  • Information Pack-Get Domain Controller Up Time
  • Information Pack-Get Domain Controller Services Status
  • Information Pack-Get Domain Controller Local Disks

Other than above Dynamic Packs, all Dynamic Packs can be executed under a normal AD user account who is part of Domain Users Security group in the domain.

AD Health Profiler: What are the requirements to run AD Health Profiler?

Note that before you can use Active Directory Health Profiler, you need to ensure you install Active Directory Health Profiler on a supported Windows Operating System and have required software installed. The following is the minimum requirements for AD Health Profiler:

  • Operating System: We have tested AD Health Profiler on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Operating Systems. However, as long as you are running RSAT for Windows Server 2012/R2 on a Windows Operating System other than Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2, you can try running on other Windows Operating Systems.
  • PowerShell: Since AD Health Profiler uses Dynamic Packs that are designed using PowerShell cmdlets, you are required to install PowerShell Modules for the target managed by the Health Profile. For example, if Health Profile contains Active Directory as a Target, you're required to install Active Directory PowerShell modules on the AD Health Profiler computer.
  • Local Administrator: This is required to install the AD Health Profiler on the computer.
AD Health Profiler: Can I do health assessment of multiple Active Directory forests?

Every health profile that you create in AD Health Profiler contains a Target. Same Target can be used in more than one Health Profile. For exaple, if you have registered three Active Directory Forests as Target in AD Health Profiled you can add three AD Forests to three or more Health Profiles, which, in turn, allows health assessment of multiple Active Directory forests.

AD Health Profiler: What is a Health Profile?

A Health Profile created in AD Health Profiler has the following characteristic:

  • A Health Profile contains an Active Directory Forest that you have already registered and discovered.
  • A Health Profile contains the Dynamic Packs or health checks that you will execute against an Active Directory Forest managed by the Health Profile.
  • A Health Profile can be executed under a different set of credential.

There are two types of Health Profiles available with AD Health Profiler; Health Check, and Custom Profile.

  • Use "Health Check" health profile if you would like to perform a complete health check of an Active Directory Forest.
  • Use "Custom Profile" health profile if you wish to add specific health check or Dynamic Packs to a Health Profile.
AD Health Profiler: How many Health Profiles I can create?

Free version of Active Directory Health Profiler does not support more than two health profiles. However, registered version can support multiple Health Profiles of different types. For example, if you can create two health profiles containing same Active Directory Forest. One Health Profile is responsible for executing a complete Active Directory health check and second health profile will contain Dynamic Packs that help in performing basic Active Directory health check. You can also create a Replication Check health profile to check replication status and troubleshoot issues, if any.

AD Health Profiler: Does AD Health Profiler perform any write operations in Active Directory?

No. Active Directory Health Profiler is a ready only product. It does not write anything to the target systems.

AD Health Profiler: What is a Dynamic Pack?

A Dynamic Pack consists of PowerShell code. AD Health Profiler ships with 67 pre-defined AD Dynamic Packs. New Dynamic Packs are designed and included in the Dynamic Pack Bundle that includes Dynamic Packs designed by DynamicPacks Technologies as well as Dynamic Packs designed by the community. Dynamic Packs are executed against Active Directory Forest, Domains, Sites, and Active Directory Domain Controllers. In case AD Health Profiler does not include a Dynamic Pack of your choice, you can always request a Dynamic Pack by sending an email to Info@ITDynamicPacks.net

AD Health Profiler: Can I modify existing Dynamic Packs?

Yes, you can modify existing Dynamic Packs or create a new PowerShell-based Dynamic Pack using the Dynamic Pack Manager that thips with the Active Directory Health Profiler.

AD Health Profiler: Is support available for Active Directory Health Profiler?

Support is available to registered users.

AD Health Profiler: My currently looged on credentials do not allow to connect to Active Directory Forest.

Active Directory Health Profiler supports executing Health Profiles under different set of credentials. All you need to do is add credentials and then select the credential when executing Health Profile or individual Dynamic Packs.

AD Health Profiler: Can I request a new Active Directory Health Check or Dynamic Pack?

We are in the process of developing new health checks or Dynamic Packs for use with Active Directory Health Profiler. However, in case you would like to request a Dynamic Pack or health check of your choice, please write to info@ITDynamicPacks.net

In case you need to know more about DynamicPacks Technologies and it's services, please send us an email at


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