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Troubleshoot AD Replication Issues in TreeView Console

What is AD Site Explorer?

Active Directory Site Explorer is designed for Active Directory Admins to troubleshoot Active Directory Replication issues in a Tree view fashion and also schedule replication checks and receive reports in HTML format via email. Active Directory Site Explorer supports loading RepAdmin output and help you identify replication issues quickly for domains or entire Active Directory Forest.

What is a Site Profile?

A Site Profile in AD Site Explorer holds the Active Directory Forest for which you want to check the Active Directory Replication status. One Site Profile can hold one AD Forest. You can create unlimited Site Profiles in AD Site Explorer. For example, you can create three Site Profiles containing three different AD Forests and then you can schedule each Site Profile with alternate credentials, which, in turn, allows you to check AD Replication Status for multiple AD Forests from a single computer.

Get Notified via Email with HTML Report

Each Site Profile can be scheduled to perform AD Replication check for AD Forest managed by the Site Profile. Once AD Site Scheduler has finished executing a Site Profile, you will be notified via email with a HTML Report. Multiple Site Profiles containing different or same AD Forests can be scheduled.

Notable Features

Multiple Active Directory Forests

One of the great features of AD Site Explorer is the ability to add multiple Active Directory Forests. For example, you can create three Site Profiles containing same or different AD Forests. This is quite useful for IT Consulting who manages Active Directory environment of multiple customers and need to ensure Active Directory is healthy.

Adding Multiple AD Forest

Adding Multiple AD Forest

Easy Filtering and Views

AD Site Explorer provides the ability to filter and apply views as listed below:

  • Filter Replication Errors for a Particular Domain
  • Filter Sites with Replication Errors
  • Filter Manual Connection Objects
  • Filter Sites with Orpahned Domain Controllers
  • Find Empty Sites
  • Search Site or Domain Controller

Filtering and Applying Views

Filtering and Applying Views

Import\Export Site Profiles

In case you need to analyze AD Replication data collected by a Site Profile on a different computer, AD Site Explorer provides the ability to export Site Profile and then import on the AD Site Explorer on which you want to analyze the replication data.

Site Profile Summary Sent Via Email

Site Profile Summary

We are still preparing to release AD Site Explorer Version 1.0. Once the product is available for use, all features will be explained in this section. Thank you for your patience. In case you would like to be notified once the AD Site Explorer is available for production use, please send an email at Info@ITDynamicPacks.Net

Coming Soon...

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