Active Directory Health Profiler

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Health Profiler

Perform Complete Health Check of Multiple Active Directory Forests

Product for
IT Admins

If you are an IT Administrator and requires a Health and Configuration Check solution, AD Health Profiler is for you!

Product for
IT Architects

If you are an IT Architect and requires to do an assessment of a target supported by AD Health Profiler before implementing or proposing new solutions for your customers, AD Health Profiler is for you!

Product for
IT Service Providers

If you are an IT Service Provider and requires a Health and Configuration Check solution for your customers, AD Health Profiler is for you! You can offer AD Health Profiler as a Service to your customers.

Happy Customers

Active Directory Health Profiler is being used by 300 customers to perform a complete health check of their production environment.


97% of our customers are satisfied using AD Health Profiler and appreciate our efforts in designing such a great product.

Dynamic Packs were requested

We designed 200 custom PowerShell-based Dynamic Packs for our customers at no additional cost.

Perform a Complete Health Check of Your or
Customer Production AD Forest

AD Health Profiler has the ability to perform a complete health check of your or customer production Active Directory Forest before implementing or proposing new solutions. All of our health check procedures (Dynamic Packs) have been designed by Microsoft MVPs. You can perform a complete Health Check of targets supported by AD Health Profiler. Currently, AD Health Profiler supports Microsoft Active Directory Forest as a Target. However, there are plans to add other targets such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions.

Learn How to Perform a Health Check

Multiple Health Profiles for Multiple AD Forests

Health Profile is backbone of AD Health Profiler. When you perform a Health Check of a Target, you will create a Health Profile. Active Directory Health Profiler allows you to create multiple Health Profiles. Health Profile contains Dynamic Packs and a Target. Each Health Profile can contain same or different target, all or selected Dynamic Packs. For example, you can create a Health Profile to contain ABC.Com and another Health Profile to contain XYZ.Com Active Directory Forest.

Learn How to Create Health Profiles

Reports Issues Severity and Recommendations to fix the issues

AD Health Profiler not just performs health check, but also reports issue severity and provides recommendations to fix the issues. For example, when executing AD Forest Manual Connection Objects Test, AD Health Profiler checks to make sure there are no manual connection objects. If AD Health Profiler finds Manual Connection Objects, it reports "High" as issue severity. You can easily identify critical, high, medium and low issues in AD Health Profiler.

Learn How to Check Issue Severity and Recommendations


Single HTML Report

AD Health Profiler can generate an HTML Report which contains a summary of all issues reported by the AD Health Profiler, Issue description, recommendations to fix the issue and data retrieved by the Dynamic Packs.

Report With Left Pane Navigation

Customize HTML Report

You can add your own comments against each issue and have them included in the Health Profile Report. Apart from adding additional comments, AD Health Profiler also provides the ability to generate report only for selected issues.


Schedule and Get Notified of Issues

AD Health Profiler ships with a Powerful Scheduler that you can use to schedule Health Profiles and get notified via email. When scheduling a Health Profile, you can set desired criteria. For example, you can schedule a Health Profile and receive email notification with Health Profile report only if critical issues occur. AD Health Profiler supports defining following attributes for criteria:

-Notify via Email if any Critical Issues
-Notify via Email if any High Issues
-Notify via Email if any Medium Issues
-Notify via Email if any Low Issues
-Notify via Email if Any Issues
-Notify via Email upon completion of Health Check
-Do Nothing

Multiple AD Forests

Perform Health Check using Alternate Credentials

AD Health Profiler allows you to add alternate credentials to perform health check of multiple AD Forests from a single computer. For example, AD Health Profiler omputer can be a standalone computer (not joined to any domain). You can add credentials and execute Health Profiles under alternate credentials. For example, you can create three Health Profiles named "HP1", "HP2" and "HP3" and then add three different AD Forests. You can execute each Health Profile under alternte credentials, which, in turn, allow you to perform health check of multiple Active Directory Forests from a Single computer!

This is quite useful for IT Consulting companies who manage multiple Active Directory Forests.


Export/Import Health Profiles for Offline Review

If you perform a health check at a customer place, you can export Health Profile and then import Health Profile at the Active Directory Health Profiler running on your computer. This allows you to view the results offline and provide your comments against each issue before generating the Health Profile Report.

Add Credentials to Manage Different Targets

AD Health Profiler allows you to add credentials. You can execute Health Profiles or Dynamic Packs under different set of credentials. For example, when executing a health profile that contains Hyper-V as a target you might want to use different set of credentials to connect to Hyper-v servers.

Dynamic Packs

You may not want to execute all Dynamic Packs when you execute a Health Profile. AD Health Profiler supports enabling/disabling Dynamic Packs in a Health Profile. This allows you to prevent execution of disabled Dynamic Packs when you execute a Health Profile.

Dynamic Pack
is All That You Need

Note that AD Health Profiler is just the "Execution SubSystem". AD Health Profiler performs Health Check of managed Targets by leveraging Dynamic Packs designed using PowerShell cmdlets. Currently, Active Directory Health Profiler ships with 97 Active Directory Dynamic Packs to perform a complete health check of Active Directory forests. If you have designed Dynamic Packs for other Microsoft Server Roles such as IIS or DNS, you can import Dynamic Packs in AD Health Profiler and then execute them!

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Design Your Own Health Check Dynamic Pack

Do you know PowerShell? If yes, feel the power of Dynamic Pack Manager. AD Health Profiler ships with built-in Dynamic Pack Manager that you can use to design new Health Check Dynamic Packs or even modify existing Dynamic Packs that we have designed for use with AD Health Profiler.

Request new Dynamic Packs
at no Additional Cost!

No need to learn PowerShell to design a Dynamic Pack. If you are a registered user, simply request us to design a new Health Check Dynamic Pack for you at no additional cost!

Import New Dynamic Packs
Directly from Our Server

When new Dynamic Packs are available (guaranteed 2 Dynamic Packs every month) they can easily be imported from Active Directory Health Profiler console. You can check for new Dynamic Packs for a particular Target. For example, you can select Microsoft Exchange as a target and then search for new Dynamic Packs that apply to Microsoft Exchange Target.

Importing Dynamic Packs from Dynamic Packs Server
Importing Dynamic Packs from Dynamic Packs Server
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