Active Directory Health Profiler

Health Check & Maintain Six Targets

Six Targets

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Active Directory
Health Profiler

Active Directory Health Profiler is a powerful Execution SubSystem which supports executing PowerShell-based Dynamic Packs. Dynamic Packs can perform a complete health check of Targets managed by AD Health Profiler. Profiler also ships with a Powerful Scheduler that you can use to schedule Health Profiles and receive email with Health Profile Report. Current version of AD Health Profiler supports AD Forest as a Target.

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DynamicPacks ONE-ACTION is a powerful Execution SubSystem that supports executing PowerShell-based Dynamic Packs. You can execute a Dynamic Pack of your choice to collect information and report on configuration changes. Using DyamicPacks ONE-ACTION you can create Health Set and define your own criteria for configuration check, which, in turn, helps you maintain health of your systems.

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Active Directory
Site Explorer

Active Directory Site Explorer is designed for Active Directory Admins to troubleshoot Active Directory Replication issues in a Tree view fashion and also allow AD Admins to schedule replication checks and receive reports in HTML format via email. Active Directory Site Explorer also supports loading RepAdmin ouput and help you identify replication issues quickly for domains or entire Active Directory Forest.

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Active DirectoryHealth Profiler

Health Check of Multiple Active Directory Forests


AD Health Profiler is dynamic in nature. Application supports importing PowerShell script or commands in the form of Dynamic Packs. Leverage your existing PowerShell scripts or a bunch of PowerShell commands with a few clicks.

Configuration Check

Simple and Easy To
Use Application

AD Health Profiler is an easy to use application. All sections of AD Health Profiler ship with necessary description sections to help you understand a feature. Use Online Chat Service built into AD Health Profiler to help you with any questions.

Health Check of Multiple Active Directory Forests

Uncover Unknown
Health Issues

Active Directory Health Profiler is capable of uncovering unknown or hidden issues from your production environment and provide recommendations to fix the issues. All of our Dynamic Packs have been written by the industry experts such as Microsoft MVPs.

Health Check of Multiple Active Directory Forests

Designed for Admins, Architects
and Service Providers

Whether you are an IT Administrator, IT Architect or IT Service Provider, Active Directory Health Profiler is for you. We have Dynamic Packs available for Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, Office 365.

Dynamic Packs can perform two functions
Health Check and Compare Configuration

How to Health Check a Target

How to Report Configuration Changes

Health Check Summary for a Health Profile
Health Check Summary for a Health Profile

Comparing and Reporting "Any"
Configuration Changes

Active Directory Health Profiler can compare and report "any" configuration changes. All you need to do is create a Health Set that holds the data that will be compared with the Dynamic Pack Data.

pointing-right-1You create a Health Set from a Dynamic Pack

pointing-right-1Health Set Data is defined by you

pointing-right-1Dynamic Pack Data is collected by AD Health Profiler

pointing-right-1AD Health Profiler compares Health Set Data with Dynamic Pack Data and then show any differences in Differences Grid

AD Health Profiler provides the ability to create your own Dynamic Pack, which, in turn, helps you compare and report "any" configuration changes

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I had to request a Dynamic Pack so I could collect some information from Active Directory. I am amazed to see response from product developer. I got Dynamic Pack and it worked like a charm. Thanks for making such a great product.

Choo Hong,

We purchased Active Directory Health Profiler to perform health check of our Active Directory environment. We have been running AD Health Profiler for over 2 months and have not had a single problem. We were able to uncover health issues in our AD environment successfully.

Deep Radmin,

I am finding more use for AD Health Profiler every day. I am amazed at how powerful the application can be that it provides you the ability to design new Dynamic Packs using PowerShell cmdlets!

AD Health Profiler User,

“Fantastic product… AD Health Profiler looks to meet almost all of our specific health and configuration check needs.”

AD Health Profiler User,

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